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You invested money for a deck, and it has paid great dividends. Sure, it may have helped increase your property’s value, but more than that, it improved the quality of your life and made entertaining family and friends more enjoyable. But after years of faithful service to you, it’s now in bad shape. The deck boards are stained, the rails of the stairs are wobbly, and mold and mildew have started to invade its different parts. Aside from making your deck unsightly, these can make it an unsafe place for you, your family, and houseguests. Imagine the embarrassment you’ll get when someone thinks that your deck is grimy and unclean. Or worse, you invite your boss to come over and then he slips down.

According to professionals who specialize in deck repair Austin TX know, modern decks can last for several years or even a couple of decades, especially with proper care and regular maintenance. However, it is natural for some of their parts to break down.

The combination of normal wear and tear, heavy foot traffic, moisture, heat, and even organisms like algae, mold, mildew, and some types of insects – all can shorten a deck’s lifespan. And when that happens, you need to act fast and call in the experts to evaluate your deck’s condition before things worsen. This is especially true for decks that have been neglected for years.

Replace and Rebuild or Deck Repair Austin Pros Share Opinion

When that happens, you’re left with two choices – replace and rebuild, or deck repair.

Often, the answer is not simple. Your deck might look like it’s still in good order. There are instances where wood rot is not readily apparent, but the decay has set in. Or maybe the wooden boards may just need some replacement, but the deck’s frame is still sturdy and structurally sound.

Here at Master Deck Repair Austin, we’re proud of our reputation as one of the leading experts in deck repair Austin TX locals recognize. Beyond that, we pride ourselves in giving our clients the best options available, as well as practical advice on everything related to decks, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Before proceeding with any deck repair Austin TX property owners request, the first order of business is getting to know more about your deck. This starts with determining its age and current condition through a thorough inspection. This allows our professional deck repair Austin technicians to get a better idea of the work that needs to be done – if the deck can still be salvaged, or if you’re better off with a complete rebuild. It doesn’t make any sense to push for deck repair Austin pros specialize in if the frame is in really bad shape. Conversely, you can get more out of your initial investment in your deck if it’s still in decent condition and you opt for deck repair Austin TX professionals offer.

An Overview of Our professional deck repair austin

After calling in our office and scheduling our deck repair Austin TX specialists for a site visit, our team members will interview you just to get a fair idea of the age and current condition of your deck. These details are an invaluable part of our inspection and assessment of your deck.

Next, we’ll give your deck a thorough inspection, looking at its different parts, from the deck boards to the railings, and more importantly, its frame and foundation. This inspection will give us a fair idea of the work your deck needs. This will also enable us to give you impartial advice regarding the best course of action that you should take with regard to your deck.

Once we’ve determined what type of work your deck needs, we’ll proceed with the tasks at hand. It can be as simple as removing and replacing damaged deck boards, ensuring that the good parts are not damaged along the process. From there, we’ll proceed to prepping the deck for a refinish. That often entails cleaning and sanding the boards. After that, we’ll apply the stain that you chose for your deck. Stains provide a good measure of protection to the wood while allowing its grain to shine through.

Our technicians who specialize in wood deck repair in Austin TX can also modify the structure of the deck to accommodate your changing needs.

Trust the Experts to Bring New Life to Your Deck

Whether your deck needs some minor or major repairs, you can entrust the job to Master Deck Repair Austin. We also repair pool decks.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for deck and fence repair Austin homeowners require.



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